Mag.a pth. Nikol Hoxha

Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision

"Come as you are" Nirvana


Darum bin ich Psychotherapeutin ...

Born in Tirana, Albania during a period of great upheaval: a changing political system from communist to democratic, then followed by the implications of the Kosovo War and the forceful mass displacement of the people leave a significant mark on one's soul. Turbulent times and their effect on one's psyche are no strange phenomenon to me as bizarre as that sounds. These effects are seen in one's family, immediate surrounding, friends and society at large, where nowhere feels safe. Yet, people always manage to find a way to survive. Once survival is no longer the main issue, the difficult part begins: the healing journey. Experiencing these long- lasting impressions of such violence first-hand has made me appreciate the beauty of life even more. The sun will rise again, the dust will set, the fog will clear, and the rain will cleanse everything away. Hope is only lost once we convince ourselves of it. Hence why I consider psychotherapy to be the pinnacle of mental health: one may be physically alive and regularly function, but that is merely surviving. Through psychotherapy one gets in touch with the soul, and thus begins to live. By learning to live a joyful life despite all the hardships of the past is the most rewarding gift one can give oneself. Doing that as a psychotherapist is the second best thing and that is why I am one.

Das ist Psychotherapie für mich ...

Psychotherapy is intended to be a safe and judgement-free space for you to explore your inner world through the guidance and support of your trusted psychotherapist. Seeking out support during difficult times in our lives is an act that demands courage; an achievement that should be praised and respected. Psychotherapy is a supportive process that helps with feelings of stress, anxiety, emptiness, unresolved worries, communication difficulties, challenging life transitions, unsatisfying relationships, traumatic experiences, and so on.  This deeply healing method transforms self-defeating thoughts and behaviours through the use of various techniques, such as active listening with feeling and reflecting, into conducts that notably change and enhance one's quality of life. Psychotherapy is nothing you should be afraid of. One can even consider it as the beacon of light when we find ourselves unable to make a decision about which direction to follow with our current situation. It is a guiding light that is meant to act as a time stopper for all the pressure someone might potentially be under. A bubble of safety where one can finally get their head above water-level and begin to breathe. The power of a calm mind is underestimated in our fast-paced, modern world, where we are expected to be running even in our sleep. Our mind is our biggest weapon. It is how we survived the "survival-of-the-fittest" mentality and therefore must be tended to, just like our physical health, because without our mind, we are not really living.

Das erwartet dich, wenn du mit mir arbeitest ...

I will accompany and guide you through the struggles you might be experiencing, while simultaneously helping you cultivate your personal strength and sense of self-worth. By providing a safe and judgement-free space tailored to each person's individual needs, and through a supportive and encouraging approach, we will manage to establish a strong foundation where you feeling at ease to express yourself is of utmost importance. Once a trustful and secure relationship has gradually developed between the client and psychotherapist, the road to a healthier, happier you can begin. Nothing is expected out of you, except for you to come as you are, of course. You are always in control of how you wish to use the time available during our appointments, as well as how you would ideally like to benefit from therapy. I, as a psychotherapist, am there to help you find the best way for you to fulfill the goals you have set for yourself, be it in the near future or 10 years from now. You do not have to prepare anything before, during, or after our sessions. The golden "rule" is to say anything that comes to mind. Together we will explore the meaning of these thoughts until we reach their origin and gain a new outlook on them, one that is in line with what you want for yourself.